I found an old backup of my old website dating back several years. All in all I found it a bit embarassing but for nostalgic reasons I decided to present here a small best of.

Start Page
Description:This is the beginning of the original start page. I cut off the rest with the links to the other pages of the website.
Created:July 15, 1995
Last modified:February 19, 1996
Douglas Adams on Microsoft
Description:In 1995 I was reading the Douglas Adams fan newsgroup. When Windows 95 came out he wrote a newspaper article that was printed in the Guardian on September 01, 1995. This article was discussed in the newsgroup at that time so I asked if somebody could post it. And the other day I had an email in my inbox and the sender was Douglas Adams. It is of course possible that the email address was faked, but Douglas Adams was reading the newsgroup at that time. So I believe it was really an email by himself.
Created:September 04, 1995
Last modified:September 20, 1995
Bicycle Trip
Description:This page was never on my homepage - I prepared it for another website. It is about a bicycle trip some computer science students did in 1997 to find holes. And they really find some. The text is in German, though, but you might enjoy the pictures anyway.
Created:June 27, 1997
Last modified:June 27, 1997
Fun Things in Elevators
Description:I was also collecting funny things I found in the internet. Most of the stuff I collected is nowadays pretty cheesy, but I find the fifty fun things to do in an elevator still pretty funny.
Dark Suckers
Description:This is another article I still find pretty funny to read.